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The new Mickey Caramel Cookie Sandwich is now available at Karamell-Küche in the Germany Pavilion at EPCOT.

Mickey Caramel Cookie Sandwich – $7.79

This cookie sandwich has some great flavors, but overall, it is too much of a sweet mess to give a glowing review. Though this new treat looks very similar to the classic treat, this isn’t an ice cream sandwich. Instead, it’s filled with frosting like the recently added Mickey Chocolate Mint Sandwich Cookie.

We loved the soft, light cookie’s dark chocolate flavor. The cookie’s lack of sweetness was appreciated, especially when dealing with the overly sweet filling. However, the cookie is very fragile and falls apart too easily. You’re probably going to find a lot of this cookie on the ground feeding the birds rather than in your mouth.

While the cookie tastes great, there isn’t enough of it. Only about 10% of this sandwich is cookie. The rest is comprised of Werther’s Original caramel and filling that is so sweet it will make your teeth hurt. Worst of all, there is so much more filling than anything else that you barely even taste the caramel.

Overall, this cookie sandwich is worth a try, but it would have been nice if there was a better ratio of cookie and caramel to filling.

We give this treat a rating of 4 out of 7.

Do you plan on heading to EPCOT to try the Mickey Caramel Cookie Sandwich? Let us know in the comments.

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