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A series of new MagicBand+ inspired by Mickey Mouse, “Star Wars,” Marvel, Disney Princesses, and more arrived at Walt Disney World this week.

We found most of these bands in BouTiki at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort, and the R2-D2 band in the Emporium at Magic Kingdom.

R2-D2 MagicBand+ – $44.99

This band is mainly dark blue. It features white and gray designs inspired by the droid R2-D2.

R2’s black eye is on the puck, set against a blue panel and white background. Below the puck is another black circle and a red circle.

White and gray stripes create the patterns of R2’s paneling on the end of the band with holes.

“R2-D2” is printed in gray on the solid end of the band.

Grogu MagicBand+ – $44.99

This band is white with a gray puck. It’s inspired by Grogu, a.k.a. Baby Yoda or The Child, from “The Mandalorian.”

“Grogu” is in black outline on the dotted end of the band.

The little alien is pictured in his floating crib on the puck.

The solid end of the band features four images of Grogu in various poses — meditating, using the Force, eating a blue snack, and hiding in a bag.

Blue Lightsaber MagicBand+ – $44.99

This band is designed to resemble a blue lightsaber. The end with holes looks like a silver handle while the rest of the band is a bright blue.

The most famous blue saber in “Star Wars” is the one first owned by Anakin Skywalker, later wielded by Luke and Rey. The printed handle on the MagicBand+ looks a bit like that sword’s handle but is relatively simple. It has a faux red button in the center.

The Rebel Alliance logo is on the puck. White running through the blue section of the band gives it a glowing effect.

“May the Force be with you” is in blue lettering on the fake blade. White stars surround the words.

Mickey Through the Years MagicBand+ – $44.99

This bright blue band features various versions of Mickey from over the years. The images are surrounded by dots, stars, and music notes.

On one end is Mickey in overalls and a boater, band leader Mickey, and Mickey with a feathered cap.

Classic Mickey, wearing red shorts and yellow shoes, is on the puck. There are three four-pointed stars around him that the lights of the MagicBand+ can shine through.

On the other end of the band is Sorcerer Mickey, Mickey in slacks and a shirt, and “Steamboat Willie” Mickey.

Mickey Balloon MagicBand+ – $44.99

This band is black. There are white stars dotted all over it, between colorful Mickey balloons.

The dotted end features balloon, orange, and green Mickey balloons. The balloons are Mickey-shaped with his face printed in black in the center.

The other end of the band has yellow, red, orange, and blue balloons.

The puck features a Mickey balloon cutout that will light up. Mickey’s face is in the center.

Disney Princess MagicBand+ – $44.99

This MagicBand+ is purple and pink with touches of yellow, white, blue, and coral.

Some of the Disney Princesses are depicted in black outlines. Mulan and Belle are on one end.

Tiana, Ariel, and Flounder are on the other end. Around the princesses are related icons like the windows of Tiana’s Palace, seashells, a Chinese pavilion, and flowers.

A dark pink flower, a blue flower, and two white flowers are on the lilac-colored puck.

Monsters University MagicBand+ – $44.99

Celebrate “Monsters University” with this dark blue MagicBand+. It’s covered in university iconography like pennants and patches.

The pennants represent the various fraternities and sororities of Monsters University.

Mike Wazowski is pictured on the puck, wearing his MU ball cap. The film’s logo is below him.

Spider-Man MagicBand+ – $44.99

This MagicBand+ is designed by Spider-Man’s iconic red and blue suit.

The puck features a spider-web design and Spider-Man’s two big white eyes.

His black spider logo is on one end.

The logo is in red on the other side.

Captain America MagicBand+ – $44.99

This band is inspired by Sam Wilson’s Captain America. It’s navy blue with red and white designs.

“Sentinel of Liberty” is on the dotted side against red and white stripes.

The puck features the classic circular Captain America shield.

Sam’s Captain America icon, featuring two white wings sticking out of the shield, is next to the puck. “Captain America” is in white-red gradient lettering. Red stars are around the hero’s name.

Marvel MagicBand+ – $44.99

This band features cartoon faces of Captain America (Steve Rogers), Iron Man, the Hulk, and Thor.

The faces are patterned across the dotted end along with a red version of the Avengers logo. The background is dark blue.

The Marvel logo — white lettering on a red rectangle — is on the puck between images of the heroes.

The solid end of the band features larger versions of the cartoon faces in a row.

Groot MagicBand+ – $44.99

The Groot-inspired MagicBand+ is white. The Guardians of the Galaxy emblem is in neon green and blue on the puck.

“Get your Groot on!” is below the puck. It’s followed by images of Groot growing up out of his pot.

Adult Groot is on the other end, with Rocket on his shoulder. There are speech bubbles reading “I am Groot!” and “And I am Rocket!”

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