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New Stitch and Scrump merchandise, including a Stitch 626 Loungefly backpack, is available at Magic Kingdom and World of Disney in Disney Springs.

New Stitch Merchandise

The new collection features bright colors and line drawings of planets and stars alongside everyone’s favorite alien, Stitch, a.k.a. Experiment 626. Even Scrump, Lilo’s doll, makes an appearance on some of the items.

Stitch 626 Loungefly Mini Backpack – $98.00

A new Loungefly mini backpack featuring Stitch and Scrump is available at Star Traders in Magic Kingdom. The backpack is black, with the upper front panel covered in sequins and brightly-colored flowers.

The front pocket is black faux leather and features Stitch and Scrump outlined in blue. In the area above their heads are planets, stars, and lightning bolts in various colors. The front pocket also features colorful flowers.

The sides of the backpack are covered in black sequins. The lining around the zipper is teal green and blue.

The straps of the Loungefly are teal green. The black faux leather extends to the back panel of the bag.

At the bottom of the back panel, “Stitch” is written above an orange sun. Beneath the sun are blue waves, with “626” written under them.

Stitch Bucket Hat – $29.99

A new Stitch bucket hat is also available in Main Street Cinema at Magic Kingdom. The bucket hat is teal green and features a “Stitch” logo. The hat is covered with patterns of flowers, leaves, hearts, tiny stars, and Stitch’s paws.

The round patch sewn into the hat features a blue stitch over a yellow background. “Stitch” is written above his head in red, alongside a paw print and squiggly line.

Stitch and Scrump 626 Adult T-Shirt – $34.99

A Stitch and Scrump T-shirt can be found at Star Traders in Magic Kingdom and World of Disney at Disney Springs.

The shirt is blue with orange and yellow graphics randomly placed all over, like images of Stitch, Scrump, planets, waves, and flowers.

Stitch 626 Tank Top – $29.99

We also found this pink Stitch tank top in World of Disney. The tank top is pink with a white embroidered outline of Stitch’s head in the top center.

Beneath Stitch’s head is the number 626 embroidered in green.

Scrump Biker Shorts – $44.99

These biker shorts were also available in World of Disney.

The front of the black shorts features a silver Scrump on the lower left leg.

A large silver star with two smaller stars is printed on the right leg. The back of the shorts is plain.

Stitch Cropped Hoodie – $59.99

This Stitch cropped hoodie is also for sale in World of Disney.

Stitch is outlined in black on the white hoodie. On top of him are embroidered patches of flowers, a heart, squiggles, and stars — all in various bright colors.

Mesh Tank Top – $34.99

This mesh tank top is also available from World of Disney, and features an all-over pattern of squares in orange, black, and purple.

“Stitch 626” is printed on the front in white. The squares include graphics of flowers, swirls, and planets. The sleeve holes and neckline are lined with yellow edging.

The back of the tank top features a white outline of Stitch up at the neckline, and “626” in the center of the back.

Stitch 626 Belt Bag – $34.99

This belt bag is bright teal with an adjustable black strap and matching teal buckle. Stitch and Scrump are featured in a black outline on the front, with embroidery of a flower, planet, and swirl to their right. A Stitch 626 patch is sewn to their left.

The top of the bag, where the zipper is located, features 3-D embroidery of “Stitch” next to two yellow flowers.

The part of the back that touches the body is made of black mesh.

The inside of the belt bag is also black mesh, and sports an interior zippered pocket.

Stitch continues to be a focal point of merchandise around the Walt Disney World Resort. Last week, Disney provided us with a first look at the new donut-themed Disney Eats and Stitch Attacks Snacks collection coming to the Disney Store and Disney Parks in June. A 626 Day 2024 Stitch Plush is also available at Walt Disney World Resort.

What do you think of the new Stitch and Scrump merchandise?

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