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EPCOT has seen TONS of changes lately with the opening of the CommuniCore Hall and Plaza, new live entertainment, and a popular ride closing for an extended refurbishment, but it seems that the changes still keep coming.

EPCOT dedication plaque

With all of these huge changes coming at us so fast, sometimes the smaller changes aren’t as noticeable unless you’ve got a trained eye like we do! We spotted a significant, but subtle change that stumped us.

With so many BIG changes that have happened lately around Disney World, its sometimes can overshadow some of the smaller details that also hold significance. While EPCOT is certainly no stranger to massive changes we thought things might have started to quiet down after its park transformation had been completed.

EPCOT Monorail

Most of EPCOT’s original rides and attractions from its early days are no longer featured within the park, however, we’ve spotted new nods to them around the mural outside of the Mickey & Friends meet and greet.

CommuniCore Hall

But, that doesn’t mean the smaller changes are losing steam either. On a recent visit to EPCOT, we noticed something had been removed that held a significant value for the park.

Entrance of EPCOT

EPCOT’s entrance has long been the home for the park’s dedication plaque which was one of the subtle features that held a nostalgic connection to the “old” EPCOT. Now, it seems that EPCOT has taken this up from its permanent location.

EPCOT’s dedication plaque has been removed

You’ve probably walked right by this area multiple times as you’ve visited EPCOT and hardly paid attention to it. If you’re not remembering what it looked like, here’s what this space looked like before its removal.

EPCOT Entrance

We’re not sure how long the plaque will be missing from this spot, or if it is planned to return in the same place, relocated, or return at all. But, we’ll certainly be keeping a sharp eye out for it in its absence.

We’re constantly looking out for all the latest changes around Disney World no matter how big or small. Be sure to stay tuned with us for even more updates as we have them!

Is Disney TESTING US With the New Attraction in EPCOT?

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