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Who else is beyond excited for Inside Out 2 to drop in theaters in just a few days?

Inside Out 2 Preview at Walt Disney Presents

The new Pixar film comes out on June 14th, and we’ve been following along with all the exciting Inside Out news happening around the Disney parks, including the new Inside Out 2 World of Color — ONE pre-show you can find in Disney California Adventure right now! But we have more great news for Disneyland fans of the series — a new emotion is coming to the parks!

In a recent TikTok, Disney shared that Anger from the Inside Out films will be coming to Disney California Adventure SOON!


The. Foot. Is. Down! Watch “Inside Out 2” only in theaters June 14 #Disney #DisneyParks #DisneylandResort #CaliforniaAdventure #PixarFest #Pixar #InsideOut #Joy #Sadness #Anger

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He’ll be joining Joy and Sadness and other Pixar Pals over at Pixar Pier, where they usually greet guests between 8:30AM and 8PM. Now, we don’t have an exact date for when he’ll start to appear, but we’ll keep an eye out and tell you what we find!

Joy meeting at Pixar Pier!

There are tons of Disney characters you can meet all around Disneyland Resort. Many of them have designated meeting spots, which you can find in your Disneyland App, while others are roaming characters who you may see randomly throughout your day. If you more frequently visit Disney World, you likely haven’t seen many roaming characters — while it does happen over in WDW, it’s more common in Disneyland, so prepare yourself!

Pixar Pier

Nervous about meeting a character for the first time? Here are some tips to help you out!

Think of a question you’d like to ask the character ahead of time. It’s best to have it be something related to their world, such as asking Rapunzel how Pascal is doing, but it can also be as simple as asking how they’re doing!
If you can’t think of anything to say, these characters talk to people all day long — they know how to start and lead a conversation! Just go with the flow and you’ll be just fine.
Your interaction doesn’t have to be super long if you don’t want it to be! You could walk up, say hello, and ask to take some photos — that’s perfectly fine!

Pixar Pier at night

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What’s your favorite character from Inside Out? Tell us in the comments!

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