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Figuring out what to wear to Disney World can be HARD!

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Yes, you know you don’t want to be baking in the sun, and you want to be comfortable, but you probably also wanna look a little stylish too, right? We totally get that struggle, and that’s why we’re always paying close attention to what we wear when we go to Disney World (both reporters in the park every day and those of us who travel in for leisure every once in a while) so we can recommend what does — and what doesn’t — work. One of our team members recently got back from a trip and said she was majorly complimented on this dress she wore, AND it was super comfortable!

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Now, let’s check out this dress.

This Athletic Dress Was SERIOUSLY An Amazing Purchase!

Athletic wear is very popular in Disney World and has been for many years, whether it’s moisture-wicking shirts, skirts with shorts, or, most recently, athletic dresses with shorts built in. And that’s exactly what category this fits in: This Heathyoga Tennis Dress was a fantastic purchase, and our team member said she’d wear it over, and over, and over again!


The following notes are directly from her and her experience with the dress: Not only is this dress super stylish and adorable, but it’s so practical as well! The shorts were a great length, even though they did ride up the tiniest bit throughout the day, but it wasn’t a major concern. Plus, it has POCKETS!


Thanks to the removable pads in the chest, she could choose if she wanted more support or less, and that was a huge plus factor for the dress. She also loved the length of the skirt and didn’t feel it was too short, which can be a problem for some of these skirts and dresses.


She also didn’t feel like the dress was too tight or too loose, and that was partially thanks to the adjustable straps. While this version of the dress wasn’t the Easy-Peezy version, meaning it has removable shorts to make using the bathroom easier, there is one of those available in black now on Amazon, so if that’s important to you, that may be the version you want to grab!


And lastly, we ALL love how many color options there are! There are 10 different options (8 colors; two are doubled as a regular dress and an easy-peezy version) to choose from, meaning that if you buy one and really love it, you can grab yourself the same cut and style, just in a different color.


If you’re looking for a great summer dress and really love the cut of this one (and keep the cut of the back in mind, because sometimes that’s not everyone’s favorite!), grab one for your summer trip!

View this dress on Amazon!

Summer is only just beginning in Disney World, so rest assured we’ll be checking out all the latest summer fashion trends in the parks and telling you which ones are a major yes, and which you may want to stay away from. Stay tuned to DFB for the latest Disney news!

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