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We don’t like to root for Disney mishaps, but when they do happen, the results can be pretty entertaining.

CommuniCore Hall

Regardless of how you feel about the grand opening of CommuniCore Hall and CommuniCore Plaza at EPCOT in Disney World, reactions around the internet have been less-than-stellar. It could be argued that Disney’s biggest mistake was opening a festival hub without an actual festival to celebrate. While we wait for the 2024 EPCOT International Food & Wine Festival later this year, CommuniCore Hall is basically just an empty space with chairs, tables, and some banners — and the internet has been RUTHLESS!

The CommuniCore festival hub will serve as a flex space for EPCOT’s many festivals. CommuniCore Plaza is an outdoor area designed for live performances and currently hosts the new ¡Celebración Encanto! show. As for CommuniCore Hall, it’s an indoor space that hosts a meet-and-greet with Mickey and friends and will feature future festival experiences and exhibits. However, right now, it’s so empty that one of our reporters noticed the majority of people who walked in would look disappointed and walk right back out. Ouch.

CommuniCore Hall

While we’re waiting on final judgment once festival season arrives at EPCOT, many online have not been as forgiving. Instead, we’ve seen some hilariously harsh takes on the new EPCOT area that we just HAD to share!

Disney choosing to debut CommuniCore Hall without any theming is so strange to me. I know it’s a flex space and it will probably make sense when we see it utilized during a festival – but the debut is so odd. I’m all for keeping EPCOT weird …but eeek. (Video via @TharinWhite)

— Scott Gustin (@ScottGustin) June 13, 2024

As we mentioned earlier, Disney World probably would’ve been better served waiting to debut a festival space during — you know — an actual festival! Seeing CommuniCore Hall in a more lively state would’ve likely spared Disney from the harsh, but valid, criticism.

Welcome to Communicore Regional Airport.

— Chaz Finder (@chazfinder) June 13, 2024

Hey, if traveling to and from Orlando International Airport is the highlight of your Disney World trip, then CommuniCore Hall is a must-see! X (formerly known as Twitter) user @chazfinder shared an image of a spruced-up Hall with an airport aesthetic and if you didn’t know any better, this image wouldn’t make you think twice!

My complete review of CommuniCore Hall at Ecpot:

CommuniCore Hall at Epcot is a thing that exists.

— kevin (@RedSoxRedShoes) June 19, 2024

Indeed, we can confirm CommuniCore Hall exists. It even has windows and doors and everything!

FIRST LOOK: Peek inside the new Communicore Hall!

— DERICK+  (@esplanerd) June 11, 2024

We definitely get the breakroom vibes right now at CommuniCore Hall. One commenter dug even deeper and said, “There’s too much cool stuff in the picture to be the new Communicore Hall. There’s a whole coffee maker.” Gonna need an ice pack for that burn.

But yeah, wasn’t lying. Board games at Communicore!

— Skipper Hoss (Tired Edition) (@Skipper_Hoss) June 16, 2024

Hey, we’ve gotta tip our cap to making great use of the space!

I love communicore hall

— Ivonne (@servoisnaked) June 16, 2024

We can feel the excitement radiating from the screen. We imagine this was the reaction for many who visited CommuniCore Hall for the first time.

CommuniCore Hall in LEGO form…

— Phil • The Horizoneer (@TheHorizoneer) June 18, 2024

At least one great thing has come from CommuniCore Hall’s simplicity — LEGOS! Twitter user and Universal Creative @TheHorizoneer turned CommuniCore Hall into a LEGO and the results are hilarious!

CommuniCore Hall

Since CommuniCore Hall is currently in its base form, we hope it evolves into something more vibrant and exciting during future EPCOT festivals. In the meantime, be sure to follow us here at DFB for the latest Disney World tips, news, reviews, and more!

“So It’s Just a Big Open Space?” Here’s Why I’m Not Surprised at the Internet’s Reaction to EPCOT’s New Attraction

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