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The Disney Magic docked at Lookout Cay

We recently got to be some of the first people to see and experience Lookout Cay at Lighthouse Point (Disney’s new private destination), and we wanted to bring you our review of True-True Too BBQ. Let’s dive right in!

On Lookout Cay, you’ll find that the market-style dining spot here is True-True Too BBQ, which is a restaurant inspired by seashells that has shaded seating. The island is truly a uniquely Bahamas island experience.


We were blown away by how incredible Eleuthera Island was. You’ll find that the atmosphere is so pristine and lovely. You’re surrounded by pure white sand, the bluest clear water, and rocky outcroppings that go right into the sea.

Lookout Cay

When it came to the food, we did have a hard time trying to find seating at Serenity Bay BBQ and True-True Too BBQ. It took us about 10 minutes to wait for a table and some of our team also had to share their table with other guests. Also, they had yet to figure out how to fully deal with the flies (it felt like there were hundreds of them buzzing around the food). We’re chalking these experiences off as part of the “growing pains” Disney is going through since this was their first day serving cruise passengers here (and we can’t imagine all the kinks they had to work out).

True-True Too BBQ

Now, let’s head over to True-True Too BBQ and dive into the meals we tried there which were the Beach BBQ Burger and the BBQ Ribs and Roasted Chicken.


First up we have the Beach BBQ Burger which came with a side of fries. Our first impression was that this was a solid burger and fries (think exactly what you’d find at the Disney parks).

Our burger from True-True Too BBQ

You’ll want to note that the burgers and cheeseburgers are pre-made with all the fixing already on them (i.e. the pickles, the red onion, and the tomato are all already on them).

Beach BBQ Burger

We did see that a mom asked if she could get a plain one and they were able to accommodate her (just food for thought). So if you want or need to have a plain burger, just ask and they’ll be able to help you out.  

Next up, let’s talk about the BBQ Ribs and Roasted Chicken. As you can imagine, it’s a meal of carved rotisserie chicken and slow-cooked BBQ Ribs, and we got sides like baked mac and cheese and grilled corn on the cob.

BBQ Ribs and Roasted Chicken

For us, the roasted chicken didn’t have a ton of flavor, but it wasn’t dry. Also, keep in mind that the bone is in, so if that’s something that bothers you may want to try the chicken sandwich instead.


Next, with the ribs the meat was falling off the bone. They were saucy and super flavorful. We loved how the bell peppers on top added a fresh and savory crunch. (This is the best thing we had so far.)

Baked Mac and Cheese

We also were big fans of the baked mac and cheese. It was super creamy and cheesy with a little crunch on it.

Nosh or not…

Check out True-True Too BBQ if…

You just want familiar food you might have when at the Disney parks.
You want something to eat but don’t want to hike all the way back to the ship for lunch.
You want to make sure you’ve tried all the dining options in Lookout Cay at Lighthouse Point.

Skip out on True-True Too BBQ if…

You’re not a fan of eating outside in the elements.
You were looking for a gourmet dining experience.
BBQ isn’t your jam.


Overall, we enjoyed these meals and we think you would too. They’re not exactly gourmet, but they are solid options. Also, trying to find seating was a bear, so keep in mind that you might need to wait a bit in order to find a spot.

True-True Too BBQ Menu Sign

Now that there are cruises to Lookout Cay at Lighthouse Point we’ll keep you updated with all the latest, so keep it right here!

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