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We consider ourselves experts in all things edible at Disney World, but we’re especially knowledgeable about mac and cheese. We’ve given ourselves the honorable task of finding the BEST mac and cheese, and in pursuit of this goal, we’ve found some seriously tasty dishes. Now, there’s a NEW option available, so of course we had to try it out ASAP.

Animal Kingdom

This new mac and cheese is SO new, in fact, that it’s not even on the online menu yet. But since we’re in the Disney World parks every day (looking for new updates and tasty treats), we spotted it right away. Let’s find out how it compares to our other favorite snacks!

The new mac and cheese dish can be found at Eight Spoon Café in Disney’s Animal Kingdom. It’s the Barbacoa Beef on Baked Mac & Cheese, and it’s topped with crispy onions and green onions. You can grab it for $7.29.

Barbacoa Beef on Baked Macaroni and Cheese

Eight Spoon Café also has baked mac & cheese with pulled pork (for $6.79) and just plain baked mac & cheese (for $4.99), which are both delicious options, but we love having a brand-new snack to try.

Eight Spoon Café Menu

So how does the Barbacoa beef mac & cheese stack up? In short, it’s FANTASTIC. 

Oh, you wanted some more details? OK, we got you. The pasta itself is SO creamy and cheesy (as we’ve come to expect from the other mac & cheese we’ve had at Eight Spoon Café). There was enough Barbacoa beef on top to get some with every bite, which we loved.


The beef is very savory and tender, and it balanced well with the super cheesy pasta. The crema on top adds a sour cream-like flavor, and that with the green onions brightens it up really well (because all that meat and cheese could’ve been too heavy on its own, especially on a hot Orlando day). The crispy onions added a great crunch, and we appreciated the variety of texture.

New mac & cheese

The dish gets a little bit greasy at the bottom because of the juices from the beef and cheese sauce, but we could eat around that just fine.

Overall, we loved it. We’ll have a hard time choosing between this one and the pulled pork option in the future because they’re both just so good! If you have a group with you (or if you’re just extra hungry), we’d definitely recommend getting both so you can try some of each!

Grabbing a bite

WE KNOW – there are SO many great snacks at Disney World! How do you choose (we don’t want to choose but will blow our budget on Day 1 otherwise)? We’ve got you covered! We have reviewed nearly EVERY snack available at Disney World, and we’ve written a series of DFB Guides about them! Check out our DFB Guide to Walt Disney World Dining + Snacks Bundle for all the details you need to plan your snackin’ and spending. You can even download them to your smartphone – it’ll be like we’re right there with you in the parks!

DFB Guide to Animal Kingdom Snacks

Stay tuned to DFB for more updates on the newest snacks in Disney World!

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