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A NEW addition opened up in EPCOT today, and it’s something that we constantly hear people asking for!


One of the best things about EPCOT is the seasonal festivals that happen throughout the year. We love grabbing some gorgeous treats at the Festival of the Arts, noshing on plant-based snacks at the Flower & Garden Festival, eating as much cheese as humanly possible at the Food & Wine Festival, and taking part in the Cookie Stroll at the Festival of the Holidays. Although food and drinks are aplenty in the park during these festivals, there’s one thing that’s sadly LACKING in most areas: SEATING.

Now, a new rest/festival dining area has opened up, and we think y’all are gonna LOVE IT!

We’ve been keeping an eye on this area behind the Imagination Pavilion in EPCOT’s World Celebration for some time, now. Cast Members have speculated that it could become a playground or rest area, and now we finally know what it is! Here’s a look at the spot from back in February of this year:

Construction update in February 2024

And here’s the spot now! A new outdoor rest area has opened up, and it has several picnic tables, making it the perfect place to chow down on your festival eats.

New rest area

This area is located right beside the Imagination Pavilion, on the way to World Showcase. There are usually a few festival booths right around this area, which makes its location just about perfect.

Great location

Our reporter noted that, aside from the picnic tables, the turf itself would be a good spot to sit down and snack on your festival eats. It’s very squishy and bouncy, which felt great on her feet after the concrete pathways in the rest of the park.

Lots of turf area

There’s some lighting over the tables, so this spot will even be useful at night!

Handy lighting

But wait — what’s that? We spotted a new festival booth in the area, too! We can’t wait to see what eats will be there when the Food & Wine Festival starts on August 29th.

New festival booth!

There’s a lot going on in EPCOT right now! CommuniCore Hall and Plaza — the new festival areas in World Celebration — are opening on June 10th, and we’re getting a sneak peek at both of those tonight.

No more construction walls!

CommuniCore Plaza will provide an outdoor space where guests can come to relax and experience all that the Festivals have to offer. There’s an area that can host large-scale concerts or intimate performances that extend out into the gardens nearby.

CommuniCore Plaza ©Disney

CommuniCore Hall will be housed within the plaza, and will be the first fully-purpose built structure in Festival programming! The hall will boast a demonstration kitchen, a mixology bar, and exhibition and gallery space. It will also help extend the festival experience and give presenting chefs new ways to connect and experiment.

Communicore Hall ©Disney

A new Encanto stage show is opening on June 10th, too! ¡Celebración Encanto! is a sing-along that includes popular songs from the movie.


Plus, there will be a Mickey and Friends meet and greet in the Hall.

It’s HERE!

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