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We begin with the sad news of the passing of a Disney Legend, Richard Sherman. The Sherman brothers gave us so much incredible music. We’ll talk about our favorites.

Then over to Disney Springs where the “Dreams That Soar” drone show launched this past Friday. Dumbo, Baymax, and a huge Deathstar filled the skies, and crowds crammed in to watch. We’ll break it down.

Meanwhile, at Disneyland, the long-awaited return of Fantasmic took place, but with a few changes. After the Dragon caught fire over a year ago, the show has been on hiatus but finally made its return – with a couple of changes. The Pirates scene was replaced by the original Peter Pan scene and there’s no Dragon. The panel will discuss the new show.

Next, our Universal expert, Annie, will discuss her experiences in the new Dreamworks Land. She’ll give you her honest review. We’ll also talk to her about the 6 original houses announced for Halloween Horror Nights 33 and get her take on the new Summer Tribute Store at the park.

A new video review of the Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser dropped this week and has the internet taking sides, we’ll tell you why.

Plus a new addition to Galaxy’s Edge fireworks, Talking Dug in Florida, Tropical Americas is ramping up, new outfits for the Country Bears, our favorite segemnt “It Came From the Parks,” and even more to discuss tonight!

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