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Disney folks are a passionate bunch — but throw Star Wars people into the mix, too, and you’ve got some of the most die-hard fans out there.

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

So, when Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge opened at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, lots of folks got the best of both worlds. There’s so much to explore, see, do, eat, and drink in Galaxy’s Edge — and now there’s one more reason for Star Wars fans to stop by!

Heads up, Star Wars fans! A new collectible mug has rolled out at Oga’s Cantina in Disney’s Hollywood Studios — and we think it might be our favorite one yet. Introducing the Loth-cat mug! It’s available for purchase with any non-alcoholic beverage right now.


Oga’s Cantina is well known for its concoctions — available with choices for kids and adults both — that feature “exotic ingredients using otherworldly methods, served in unique vessels.” Themed cocktails (like the Dagobah Slug Slinger, the Fuzzy Tauntaun, and Jet Juice), non-alcoholic specialty drinks (the kiddos will love the cookie-topped Blue Bantha), and proprietary beer and wine selections are on offer.

Oga’s Cantina in Disney’s Hollywood Studios

It’s a great spot to get out of the heat and grab a drink — especially if you’re a Star Wars fan! We’re not sure how long the Loth Cat mug will be available at Oga’s, but it’s likely only available while supplies last. So, if you want to get your paws on this little guy, make sure you head over to Hollywood Studios as soon as you can!

Fuzzy TaunTaun

In the meantime, we’ll be keeping an eye on all the latest news from Disney World and more, so stay tuned to the Disney Food Blog!

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Will you be trying to snag this new souvenir? Tell us in the comments.

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