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We spend a LOT of time on the Disney World website.

Magic Kingdom

Checking park hours, looking for new menu items, searching for news on EPCOT festivals or ride refurbishments, or even just confirming details for articles we write. We’ve become pretty familiar with that Disney World URL! And during a recent glance at the website, we discovered something really weird.

We were taking a look at the Disney World website pages for some popular entertainment options when we noticed that they just seemed to drop off the schedule entirely! Starting August 4th, both the Disney Adventure Friends Calvacade and the Festival of Fantasy Parade show no hours for Magic Kingdom.


Both options show hours listed through August 3rd but don’t have any showtimes from August 4th, 2024 through the end of the calendar (which is available through part of September). Neither of these are listed on the Magic Kingdom entertainment schedule as well. How weird!

Festival of Fantasy

What’s likely happening here is that the website is having some kind of glitch and that the schedule will be loaded in a few days. We’ll be on the lookout for any important announcements relating to in-park entertainment though, just in case.

Ariel in the Festival of Fantasy parade

If you’ve never seen these entertainment offerings in the park before, we definitely recommend you check them out during your next visit! Festival of Fantasy is a parade themed to Fantasyland characters and stories, so you’ll spot favorites like Winnie the Pooh, Ariel, Peter Pan, and Belle.

Festival of Fantasy Parade

On the other hand, the Disney Adventure Friends Cavalcade is a shorter parade (a mini-parade, if you will) that features a variety of characters from different cultures! If you plan to watch this, you could spot The Three Caballeros, Mirabel and Bruno from Encanto, Pocahontas, Miguel from Coco, and more.

Adventure Friends Cavalcade

We’ll continue to keep you in the loop with any weird things we spot on the Disney World website or any entertainment news you need to know about, so stay tuned to DFB for the latest. We’ll help you plan the BEST trip to Disney World!

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