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We talk all the time about the benefits of getting free water cups in Disney World so you’re not paying for a water bottle every time you need a drink (which is A LOT, especially during summertime).

Water in the parks

Bringing a reusable water bottle is fantastic just for this occasion, but did you know that there’s also an egregious amount you can pay for water in ONE spot in the parks? And no, it’s not the cost of buying a ton of water bottles throughout your trip (although that gets expensive too) — water at this one Disney World restaurant costs $120!

Victoria & Albert’s is the most expensive dining location in Disney World, costing a minimum of $295 per guest. This is a AAA 5-diamond rating restaurant that has been recognized by the Michelin Guide, and is located right at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa.


Wine packages for this experience start at an additional $155 per guest, while zero-proof options start at $115 per guest. While there are over 500 pairings to choose from that span 35 countries, there’s another exclusive offering that blows our minds.

Plant-Based Menu

While the “House Water” is included with your meal (thank GOODNESS), there’s a whole Still Water Menu. You can see pricing starting around $9 to try water from all around the world. Seriously — ALL over the world! Italy, Scotland, Wales, Denmark, Croatia, and more. But there’s ONE type of water on that menu that’s from a Svalbardi Polar Iceberg. It’s up to 4,000 years old (!!!) and one 750 ml glass will cost you a whopping $120.

Water Menu at Victoria & Albert’s

YEAH. $120 for ONE GLASS OF WATER. Does anyone actually purchase this? When is it worth it? Well, we’re sure someone out there buys it, because otherwise we don’t think it would have stayed on the menu this long. However, every time one of our reporters or team members has dined at this location, they’ve considered the water to not be worth it.

Victoria & Albert’s

Especially since you could get an entire pairing of zero-proof options for LESS! Now, if you’re a water connoisseur, no judgement, this may be a bucket list item for you, because where else can you try water that’s older than the Phoenician alphabet? (We just did so much research to make sure that ONE sentence was correct.)

The Chef’s Table

Otherwise, we think trying some of the other waters on the list is a great way to have a more unique experience if you’re not interested in the wine or zero-proof pairings. But if you couldn’t care less about what type of water you’re drinking with your already-expensive meal, just stick with the House Water!

Queen Victoria’s Room at Victoria & Albert’s

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